Hey Hey, Homo, Gay Pride has got to go?

. BLM/Antifa back Turkey in closing down Gay Pride. No LGBT cops or Jews.




“How much skin does NJNP have in the game that they can dictate to us?”  Richard J. Rosendall, one of this year’s Capital Pride Heroes, wrote in a piece on the protest threats for the Washington Blade.

One of the most vocal organizers of the protest againt the LGBTQ community, a DC-based antifa leader named Lacy MacAuley.

Many calls for white cis board members, esp men, to step down and let queer/trans people of color lead.

MacAuley made headlines earlier this week after a blog post was discovered where she admitted that her Muslim boyfriend had beaten and raped her while she was in Turkey. She does not blame the Islamic culture for her abuse, and continues her extreme open borders activism.

In many circles of the left, it has become very clear that the only priorities are protecting their current pet causes of illegal aliens and Islam — even when that means throwing women or the LGBTQ community under the bus.

“It isn’t the far right that is threatening to shut down pride — it’s groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter who have shut down multiple pride events,” Wintrich told BLP.”



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