£1million fund = £7k each, huh?



YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE RESPONCIBILITY FOR THE BODY. Then the authorities will dispose of the body for free, or for free and attempt a fraud and scam which you should not pay unless a criminal police officer. Or drunk judge. You are not.


In 2016, the total average cost of a funeral was £3,882 including our fees plus third party fees (essential services delivered by others that we will manage on your behalf).

Note: Trafficed eastern european hookers do blow jobs for £5. See below.


Average cost of dying in the UK

Average cost
Basic funeral £3,897
Send-off eg. flowers, venue hire, catering and memorial £1,976
Professional estate administration (Probate) £2,929
Average cost of dying £8,802


‘Had the relationship between the person who has died and any of the surviving parents or children broken down? Please tell us how the family relationship had broken down, and for how long.’ =



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