UK-stani Morality Police year 1438

UK’stani Dimini Yanisari Morality Police Mot’taw’wi’ah prevention of Vice and Zina, promotion of Virtue (as defined by Allah’s Prophet ‘may a bird not fall on his head) at work after pretending to be underage teen girls for men online…got to have a hobby right? Gori dimini show devotion to ‘dear Caliph. Half the full story here.


‘The Gershad app allows users who spot checkpoints set up by the morality police, who enforce Islamic dress and behavior codes, to tag their location on a Google map with an icon of a bearded man, enabling others to steer clear of them.

The app was blocked by the authorities soon after it was released for Android devices on Monday but many Iranians bypass Internet restrictions by using a Virtual Private Network….’

‘and greater is Bol Vol Daltor





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