Habiruic l’MLK – Vote now Which Baby Dies

serveimage (10)

Has to be gas, and, he says…has to be a baby….yeh right. Kiddys…you know….thats ok. No rescue for that.

Proper Habiruic-ized l’MLK job then – and good timing to announce it too! Passover, Easter, gettit? Jeh’ovaj special, pedosach alias  P-Sack.



So then. Baby #1, #2 or #3? VOTE NOW AMERICA! Baby for the Bail Out!

citizens excluded from vote:  of Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Bolivia due to governments disfavour. 

Most favoured votes: USA, Canada, Israhel (ofcourse!), Uk, EU nations, esp Germany France, UK, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia (as was the way of the cult of Allah ‘before Allah’s Prophet and high priest’s reforms ‘may we never forget.), IS.

MLK infact was a non Baal-Cult cannon state god of cremation of the dead, except when practiced by Israelites of the Passover Devil worship cult of Jeh. Jewish Baby killers said it was Baal’s fault. Ring a bell?

“If you gas a baby or drop a barrel bomb onto innocent people, you will see a response from this president,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said.

Who says the Caliphate does not have an airforce? An evil one of satan, but still airpower proxy.

The next morning in Egypt must have been a black dawn indeed. How many mothers and fathers were there, stumbling dead-eyed out of their homes? How many wails of grief and funeral songs could be heard? How many graves had to be dug? One can only imagine the horror, grief and despair that would ensue if anything comparable happened in a modern nation.

This is the twisted and bloody moral of the Passover story – it’s a holiday founded to commemorate a mass murder. Even if we take the Bible at its word, the Israelites’ freedom was purchased by the deaths of thousands of innocent Egyptian children.


O you voted.

Liberals bum rushing for Trump the Beast hero.


US threatens new Syria strikes ‘if you gas a baby’

Talk about an offer you can’t refuse. Gangsters are like that.

The Demi-urge Devil Gods in Revolt against Baal.


Such evil goddesses went by terrible names, like Jeh, yahweh and Allah. aaah agast!! The monarchia Daemonum, o no! Such terrible devil gods, and their cults are not much better; quite terrible too.

Turning reality on its head – US & UK accuse Russia of ‘war crimes’ in Syria


o fuck, it’s Russia’s fault now. 


‘Dozens were killed by a US strike against a school in Syria last month, largely unmourned by Trump’s new apologists, as were the 30 civilians killed in Trump’s failed Yemen raid in January, children among them. There are children in Yemen too, you know, and they are being slaughtered by US- and UK-backed Saudi warplanes. Trump’s liberal apologists won’t cry for them or even acknowledge their existence: they are, apparently, unpeople, rather than kids clutching teddy bears as western-backed bombs rain on their heads.

How naive some of us were. Yes, some of those liberals were cheerleaders of George W Bush as he launched an invasion of Iraq which plunged the country – and the region – into blood and chaos. ‘




Although not yet born, we remember your passing.


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