America eases off Bombing IS

serveimage (85)

‘The American-led task force that is battling the Islamic State has sharply reduced airstrikes against the militants in Syria…

But Mr. McCants added: “If the United States continues to degrade Assad’s air force, it will be a boon to all the rebel groups, including the non-ISIS jihadists who have been targeted by the regime. They will begin to recapture some of the territory they have lost.”

Ulak queen of darkness and frigid one cast out from the gods, of many avatars, applauded Trump’s illegal military aggression. Vice Kalif Fribol-IS was also pleased with developments. “Assad is going to , you know, do it again. Yeh. It’s a fucking walkthough, o hallah, demon of the pit of lies and barbarism,786! Want to buy a bridge?”


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