Trump U-Turns on NSC & Syria (Fribolia)

Huge Fribolia: Ulak changes to Ulak, Zionist of Jeh to evil lies of ….Jeh. No really?

Not as easy as it looks. Written not mucultra psyops in person, is the only way of dealing with the beasts, and that via cut outs! Parallel enforcement and operations and structure are needed, rather than the notoriously corrupt public sector. Supprise that is not.


Like this pin up?:


You do like it now, because it is Lesbian artwork. so… No-Yes. Display it so you can fire them for homophobia (especially the lesbians, who hate nude females ofcourse? You believe that. And feminists.).

 Trump now reflects CNN  line ! now relects.

Ok you can release Ivanka now guys!

Mr Chump now likes fake news. Dispite the changes I really didn’t think The Chump would fall for another Syria-Chem-Attack inversion fake news story.


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