Frigid Gyne political hijack of comemoration March 22 attack

Apparently the fickle Izmir-our-destiny followers of the pedophile frigid one cast out from the gods, have determned that the white far right are responsible for the March 22 aniversary 2017 Westminster Terror Attack, by a Call of the ~Caliph soldier of the forgotton Caliphate. Fueling the islamic extremists; rather than social and foreign policy?

‘Because islam means peace and so peaceful is islam’. ~That puts killer cult in the clear.

What is arabic for submission? And what does Salam mean if it is islam which means peace? Moslem means submitter (to an allah which is female demon of frigidity unlike baalah), and muslim may as well mean dimini submits.


‘news agency Amaq.

The agency said: “A soldier of the Islamic State carried out the attack, responding to a call for attacking citizens of coalition states.”

It seems to suggest the attacker was inspired by IS, rather than being a trained fighter of the terrorist group…. free people may check the Amaq News Agency here. QED

Heros behind bars:  2600 uk Irak veterans went on sex and crime spree.

Steep rise in sex crimes against children in pie-nambla feminist society uk:  reason still unknown to the underarch.

Israeli jew beind wave of international anti-semite race hate crimes:

Thousands march in London against Islamopphobia and beubonic plague phobias:  well, it is London, what do you expect?

Qatar now owns more of London that Her Maj the Queen (suspected matriarch, gettit?).

. ‘Qatar’s QIA now owns the site of the Chelsea Barracks, the Olympic Village and the Shard, along with Canary Wharf which contains some of the city’s largest buildings.’

The death toll has risen from 5…to 5. Good to know that. Had to turn off one guy’s life support to make up the numbers. Now you would think they would know how many of the poor buggers were infact dead (and who was just pretending to be dead to milk it).

Wikipedia and C4 uk  fake-news station frame wrong guy for terror attack – and he is still in prison during it.



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