False Rape $cam Charter – Amazon 2.0

Turkey at least has been here before. Again Jeh-Ulak calls, and the call is answered with draftees. The Amazons of perpetual war ‘har amazan’, and civic strife, and slavery. Once bitten, twice shy for the Turkish wolf?





Octopus’ got a Jain death cult too. Have you not heard the history of forgotton Xvolia?

As it is written in the unfound book of knowledge of Xvolia.

The next level of hell: brain malformation/modification drug on top of dysgenic.

‘A controversial drug prescribed as a pregnancy test in the UK was used in other countries to induce abortions, Sky News can reveal.

Doctors in Germany told the makers of Primodos that it was widely being used to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Thousands of women in the UK used the drug in the 1960s and 1970s. Research at the time suggested the drug could be linked to a higher risk of women giving birth to babies with abnormalities, but this alleged link has been denied by the manufacturer.

It is feared that others who took the pills to find out if they were expecting may have caused their embryo to die without realising.

On Sunday, Sky News revealed that in January 1975 the British regulator warned manufacturers Schering of a five-to-one risk that the drug could cause malformations. …’


Terrorist war-criminals called out by Philippines anti-drugs tsar. Both share an abandoment of people and nation in cycle-capitalism denial. But one is not trying to overthrow secular democracy in Syria for puritanical Islamic jihad.

“I don’t get these crazies.

“Why are you trying to impose on us? Why don’t you mind your own business?

“Why do you have to f*** with us, God damn it.”

Since taking office last year, Mr Duterte has led a brutal campaign to eradicate illegal drugs in the Philippines, which has left more than 7,000 people dead. …’

As with Natao, an unending war… and sacrifices to the devil-gods of the under-arch.

O’Jehovaj how thou art fallen!



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