Feminists bid to Outlaw Male Masturbation – Texas HB4260 2017




‘State Rep. Jessica Farrar, a Houston Democrat, filed House Bill 4260 Friday, which would fine men $100 for masturbating. …’



Hodotor Comment:

An ill thought out sociopathic Bill (with no regards for it’s consequences and supported by Ulaks); You support this if you are a Democrat or Liberal, and you support discrimination on grounds of gender (must be used to it by now?) and against homosexuals (which you over looked). An excellent example of sociopathic throught and lack of reason or regards for Laws. Could also be called the Example of Females Unfit for Office Bill, and as such, we call on Texas Lawmakers to vote for this self-damming Bill to make it an unenforcable law and monument to the dire evils of feminism.






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