The Sacrifices for Ulak of the Ages


A humerous story of The Adept goes like this:

Over 5 million years ago an incarnation avatar of Jeh (Ulak) appeared and promised women a Jeh blessing, which would be a secret surprise! If they followed her. But they would have to rise up against the mammals and sex on demand, and become like little girls of Ulak. This they did, and to avoid extinction Bol Nature was forced by the black magics of the humans to increase the yearly breeding time to monthly and menarche began. And so the gift and prophecy of Jeh-Ulak was fullfilled.

Later Jeh-Ulak appeared again, and promised women a Jeh blessing. This time they would have to offer sacrifices from among themselves so they could avoid the pleasures of adult sex. So…

Other news: anti-democracy subversive jailed in




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