Revealing News Round-Up



*Feminazis could stop this!

.  ah, turns out Katie ne (ze?) Gavin is a shemale. How PC is that? Sex-crazed (and socially isolated – weepy moment) shemale bumbangs some unsuspecting dude. Ze is well in trouble if he turns out not to be white!

*Jewish Jeh diabolic cult bait and switch: something of an early Easter;

*Allready Dead?  dead if chumpies ruled.

*chump-town walkthough: (if you must pretend to be Moslem, build a shrine to Bol)  They are not even trying to make it look difficult. Feminazi-Dystopia anti-sex for Allah (demon avatar of Ulak-jeh). Surprising then, it is not. 

*British make the best chumps for gossip extortion: True followers of The Lie: . 3000 people are employed sex scamming in that town. Nearly half, you gotta laff, scamming the terrified brits due to peer gullibility and credulity.

*Meditation to Lord of Your Lurd (Baalzeboul)

Did you know? Even after 2000 years Jews still don’t know what Baalzebub means.

Slow, very slow.

Fake Rape Story; Not as first reported; police still investigating the phandom rape anyway.

‘The pair were reported to have bundled the woman and her toddler into the back of a dark-coloured saloon during a walk along the seafront last Friday.

It was claimed the men then drove to Longbeck Lane in Yearby, where the mother was allegedly raped by both of them during a seven-hour ordeal.

But Cleveland Police said the circumstances were “not as first reported”.

However, they did say they were investigating a rape allegation involving people who may have known each other.

A 31-year-old local man was questioned following the reported attack but he was later released without charge.

A police statement said: “Officers have established that the circumstances surrounding a report of rape in Redcar on Friday 3 March are not as first reported.’

You can cut him down now BNP chumps.Born to be ruled by animal handlers, eh?

Help at hand. WikiLeaks Assange teaches companies how to protect their rights from the CIA. ooh jittery yet?

Guy attacks people with axe. Then walks away. Police don’t want anyone in relation to the incident..Waay too dangerous, but police don’t think he was a terrorist anyway.

‘According to German security services, there are about 10,000 radical Islamists in the country with 1,600 suspected of having links to terror groups.’

Tesco’s staff to be paid. Surprise sudden compliance with the law, uk.

Defeating the psychology-pedo society: Boxtox used to protect privacy and borders

“Over time I’ve noticed a new wave of patients who are pursuing Botox to give them reduced or minimal expression,” Dr Esho told the Independent.

“I’ve seen a particular trend in professions such as law and banking, where patients in these careers feel that they will be taken more seriously.”

Lawyers, bankers, and psychiatrists are among those turning to Botox, or so-called ‘Protox.’

Dr Esho claims Protox is especially common for people who have a “hyper-expressive” face and want to appear still and at ease instead.

In one case, a New York-based plastic surgeon reportedly described how her friend, who is a psychiatrist, got Botox as she struggled to appear non-judgmental while her clients spoke, a key requirement of the profession.

“My friend, who is a psychiatrist, said she spends so much time while patients are talking to her trying to not contract [her facial] muscles, so as to not appear judgmental, that she barely hears what they’re saying,” Dara Liotta, MD told Refinery 29.

“I told her to just Botox it away, so she comes in now to get rid of those lines [between the brows].”

Other females apparently resort to the non-surgical treatment in a bid to appear strong and masculine, and counter the stereotype of women being too emotional.

Some people, however, use Botox to stop sweating, a physical reaction which could indicate nervousness. …’ [or even guilt dispite the preassure]

*Pedophile psychopaths do not understand human emotion of others and so it all comes from ‘the infalible book’ and infalible pope-guru, in this case a psychology book but in the past a volume of sacred law like a bible or koran.

Ofcourse this favours psychopaths and face coverings like Nikab – by need not faith. Sure masks would do the trick, but not yet society normalized. The Mr Spok society. Also sunglasses are a common counter infringement of borders and privacy trick against the psychology pedophiles – and so disaproved of attire.


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