Civ-Part ; Heteros denied Civil Partnership

But for the forgotton line not added by the lazy.

Civil Partnership court fight

‘The three judges hearing the case accepted there had been a breach of the couple’s human rights, but said the Government should be allowed more time to decide on the future of civil partnerships….’

—–Makes it worth keeping it open after all?—-

Gitmo inmate radicalised and blows up for Islamic State al’Khilafah, Mosul-IS.

‘By then, Fiddler’s name had changed to Jamal al Harith and he was thought to have been

 captured by US forces in 2002 while he was being held in Kandahar jail in Afghanistan.

[titter General Fribol : ‘It was hard, it was tough, but we managed it. Now gimmi a medal’]

Originally the Muslim convert was from the Moss Side area of Manchester and was the father of three children.

Details of the suicide attack in which he is said by IS to have died were released in a statement reported by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Forces from the Hashed al Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation), a paramilitary umbrella group dominated by Shia militias backed by Tehran, are active in the area mentioned..’

—————-Hijab : Clinton Yes, La Pen Non

‘…She was scheduled to meet Grand Sunni Muslim Mufti Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian on Tuesday morning.

But shortly after she arrived at his office, one of his aides tried to give her a headscarf to put on – and she refused. ..’

Ms Le Pen said she had met in the past with the Grand Mufti of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, one of the world’s top Sunni clerics, without wearing a veil. …’


Ofcourse she is not infact a Moslem or even a muslim, and not required to be modest by the Koran of Allah’s Prophet.

However we discovered that she is so required by forces loyal to Queen Ulak, demoness of the hells of earth and frigid one, also cast out from the gods. So it is tough call. 

Avatars of the same anyway.Only Ulak forbids porn. Such is the Under-Arch.

Do you wish to know more?


Pollution converted into ink (after the cancer causing material filtered out).

‘..Waste particles about 1/30th of the size of a human hair can be caught by the Kaalink unit. From there, the material is purified of carcinogens in a lab so it can be safely used as ink. 

…a device called the ‘Kaalink’, which clips onto pollutant-spewing exhaust pipes, the Graviky Labs team recycles soot and other waste particles into what they are calling ‘Air Ink’.



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