Festive Cheer with Transexual Beer !

Anyone who has read The Book of The Adept knows lots of plants are hermaphrodites (and something to do with the god-dess Ze Kalta the shemale ze-ze). Now a naturally fruity (o please!) breed of hops, called Jester hops – grown in the UK, has been cultivated which changes gender during the growing season. Doesn’t get more Diva than that!

London bar to sell world’s first transgender beer brewed from hermaphrodite hops

The new beer, called No Label, is made with Jester hops which are naturally prone to change sex

tze!. Aprox 4.6% £5-90 a bottle. Proceedes to a GLBTQ2 charity. as ‘No Label’ name.

Could have called it Ze. Missed chance there.


http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/11974928/London-bar-to-sell-worlds-first-transgender-beer-brewed-from-hermaphrodite-hops.html .




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