Prophet of Allah?


The Prophet of Allah may have reformed the old cult, but he did not invent the cult.

“Allah was known to the pre-Islamic . . . Arabs;… was one of the Meccan deities” (Encyclopedia off Islam, I:406, ed. Gibb)

Al-Harith was ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib’s only son at the time when he dug the Zamzam Well.[3]:64 When the Quraysh were trying to stop his digging, he vowed that if he were to have ten sons to protect him, he would sacrifice one of them to Allah at the Kaaba. Later, after nine more sons had been born to him, he told them he must keep the vow. The divination arrows fell upon his favorite son Abdullah. The Quraysh protested ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib’s intention to sacrifice his son and demanded that he sacrifice something else instead. ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib agreed to consult a “sorceress with a familiar spirit”. She told him to cast lots between Abdullah and ten camels. If Abdullah were chosen, he had to add ten more camels, and keep on doing the same until his Lord accepted the camels in Abdullah’s place. When the number of camels reached 100, the lot fell on the camels. ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib confirmed this by repeating the test three times. Then the camels were sacrificed, and Abdullah was spared.[3]

Mut’talib is a revealing name. It is Mot’Talib meaning Death Student, assassin, enemy of Bal (Hubal). Perhaps Allah was associated with the demoness Mot, and forbidden to have an idol shrine at the Kaba.

–Because it IS their god– (by deeds not words)

Cathari illumination over the devil Jeh’ovah:


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