UK bloger jailed 5.5 years for blog posts – uk

A bloger has been jailed for 5.5 years for making blog posts in the UK. Scotland Yard said he tried to remain with-in the Law, dispite his support for a foreign government which he wanted to emigrate to but was denied freedom of movement to do so.

serveimage (1)

Perhaps it matters more who he is. Despite PC feminism and toltalitarian liberalism having already destroyed civilization’s free speech, assembly and freedom of movement follys, the case does underline that such pre-feminist notions are quite dead, being considered worthless man-made laws of no merit or validity, a truely radical notion, is it not?

Secular law has long been abandoned and not enforced. It is doubtful Islamic State The Caliphate, will take such a line with Divine Law (of the Demoness Allah and Mut’Talib Students of Death). Baal is Life; such is the hudud of Natural Law.


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