The Temple of HuBal in Mecca

There is one Temple of Baal the Caliph will not be destroying!

Temple of Hu’Bal

.Alah was not favoured in Mecca and had no shrine there, nor would she have. Because Mecca was the city of Hubal, the people of Hubal and a temple of peace.

The Kaaba was used by the Amat Uzzayan maids of Uzza-Baalat as a place for free sex, and the telling of fortunes by the magical genie and divinly favoured arrows. The cult of Cybelle blessed Mecca with a black stone of protection.

But the frigid one waited in the infernal shadows. The whore, the degeneration and fall of civilizations and the bringer of Alah worhip instead of Baal worship. So it was.

…and so it shall be. For a nation enslaved of wickedness in the age of ignorence is already in the grip of Alah who it has unleashed.

Such are games of the Gods and the eternal vigil of the Wise men.

The Christian Church celebrates Easter, at church of the levitation.

Femen , feminists for islamic immigration protest civic Front National, France. Another absurd protest march.

Israhel steps up the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Looks like demon Yahwot’s  y’Israhel is determined to re-build the temple to Baal and Astarte…

Abrahams’ Baal of Gold and the slave of Gehenna-Vale Corbyn, the Judas?

Ancient Arabia (pre-Mohammed)

‘Al-Harith was ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib‘s only son at the time when he dug the Zamzam Well.[16] When the Quraysh were trying to stop his digging, he vowed that if he were to have ten sons to protect him, he would sacrifice one of them to Allah at the Kaaba. Later, after nine more sons had been born to him, he told them he must keep the vow.

The divination arrows fell upon his favorite son Abd’ullah. The Baal-worshiping pagan Quraysh protested ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib’s intention to sacrifice his son and demanded that he sacrifice something else instead. ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib agreed to consult a “sorceress with a familiar spirit” [Kaaba-genie-worker, maid of Uzza-Venus-Ashtaroth].

She told him to cast lots between Abdullah and ten camels. If Abdullah were chosen, he had to add ten more camels, and keep on doing the same until his Lord [Allah] accepted the camels in Abdullah’s place.

When the number of camels reached 100, the lot fell on the camels. ‘Abdul-Muṭṭalib confirmed this by repeating the test three times. Then the camels were sacrificed, and Abdullah was spared.[17]

‘When Muhammad conquered Mecca in 630, he removed and had destroyed the statue of Hubal, along with the other 360 images at the Kaaba, and re-dedicated the structure to Allah.[6]

100 was the maximum number of camels kept at the Kaaba, btw.

The hostile to adult sex, again. (Alex Jones, InfoWars satires PC-Feminazi manifestations).

Lesbian thrown out of female toilets by American Police. Bounty, Big money scam, like ‘rape’ scams. Money to be made, Trans-Finder Generals! (Kansas USA) $$$



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