The Lord of your God

I do not know when the next end of the world will be,

but I do know it will be overruled.

Baal is the champion of humanity and life.



This is not too dire;


Online Security:

Startpage web search engine. European too, no CIA backdoor. There is also DuckDuckGo.(USA)

Tor Browser (this crazy thing zings ip addresses around the globe, bless it).

Recommend by Al Qaeda!

‘NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations on government mass surveillance have apparently scared a significant number of people away from searching for terrorism-related information on Wikipedia, as a new study shows readers are afraid of being investigated.

The conclusions come as the online encyclopedia giant showed a 30-percent drop in searches on terrorism-related topics – the most direct evidence yet of something called the “chilling effect,” described by University of Oxford and Toronto’s Jonathon Penney as the measure of the negative impact on legal conduct that arises out of the leaks by the former NSA contractor who exposed the PRISM program….’

Hostile to adult-sex ‘not-devil’ RC-cult; ie: pedophilia again, babies in the garden & L’YHWH Ireland. Simple geophys job where tech available and not forbidden by Jews?

Not against science, are ya?

And history? Labour Party forbids; citicism of Israhel, and history. No understanding of dimorphism either. Such are the slaves of alah yahweh aka yahwot (ancient demon against Baal). From the era of when demon means…demon of evil. (and evil means true-evil) a feature of that time, not this one.

First Purge of the unbelievers;

‘…have set up an inquiry under Baroness Royall into reports of anti-Semitism in the Oxford University Labour club…’

Choeung Ek!

A hoop for the neo-con performing dog.


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