Orr & UL, two Arches, two gate-ways


Transgender Toilet Vs. SJW feminist college bigots.?

Haters hate!

Bernie or Trump supporters – Which are violent?

I think you already know.

Bernie Supporter tries to pretend to be a Trump supporter.

A civilized man can pretend to be a barbaian, but a barbarian cannot pretend to be a civilized man.

Trump supporter in the ghetto  – attacked. Don’t try this at home. Cops called in Suburbs for ‘harassment’. innt much loving goin on.

First Black NUS female leader uk…. De ja Vu anybody?

This is cool. Not before time too!

It would have been better if the better arch had been used, but hay, London and America are cess-pits so why not use second best? Sure.At least… it is there.

Baal Temple Orgies would have accomplished much more, much quicker. So far, they veto for any religious objectors! Even without the trucks and guns.

Lets so for balance (Bal get it?) here, with the Aipac’s Easter shabbot goy:

Meh, Meh peoples dun interwebs researchings…’

and the first hood they found saids. Did they use the N-word as a search term or something? Or were they inspired by the  demon of the lowest hells (Gehenna).

Gemorrah (I have seen worse). All I need to know is who’s cock does she take? And who’s cock does she not take? One evil, one good? Well, Ashtaroth (Baalat) of Baal took good and takes it.

Book of The Adept.


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