Chaser & Driver (and de-cult)

Chaser and Driver as Crowbar and Axe.

It is said, people believe, what they want to believe… like speaketh unto like.


So much then for the Crowbar?

Yahweh is a strange demon; that would slay her son/king/messiah/contender so wantonly.

Is that not suspicious?

‘The public outcry and overwhelming symbolic meaning of the Temple of Baal probably caused the¬†Institute for Digital Archeology to backtrack on their plans.’

Or in simple terms, religious objections to a different religion were pandered to. Such is other wise called ‘Religious Bigotry‘ and discrimination.But the seductive lies made it ok?

That is ofcourse sex-talk as a bribe to those types. Plausable buggers.

The Hebrews worshiped the Gods – The Elohim anyway. Until Moses’ cult of Yahweh took over. But as state god of mammals, this demonic goddess became auto male; because mammals naturally have male leaders and female support. QED Baal is Lord.


The good news in all this, is that it is said by the tea lady that a tin foil hat will protect workers at the IDA from the rays of the anti-christ. Good to know that.


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