Quick Baal Reality Check !

Baal the hero, champion of humanity, defeater of monsters like Yaw/Yawah and Mot the demoness of drought/desert and death, as rain giver; Baal the bringer of prosperity and hedonist orgys of thanks and prase. Offerings were; insense, BBQ food and Sex (free sex was a must, of Ashtaroth one of Baal’s fuck buddies, hu’Baal – for Baal). Deed/Action determines the god, or Baal served. Baal personifies the reality of nature and science for the adult human mammals.



Moloch was a non cannon god of cremation – of the dead. Baal Haddad also gave law and order – the huddud. Great was Baal Law! Any bride had to have sex with 7 men at the Temple of Baal, for example. The only know child sacrificing cult in the middle-east/north africa was the cult of the demon Yahweh and L’YHWH the angel of death, which still has a following…

The cult of YHWH’s ten commandments, borrowed from the Law Code of Hammurabi and Egyptian Book of the Dead, left out this:

‘I was not a pederast,
– I did not Reduce my bushel, (my scales were fair),’

Which is less than impressive?

Baal/Bol/Bel and HuBal was the patron god of Canaan, Phoenicia, Carthage, Palmyra Empires, and Mesopotamia/Babylonia (later as Bel-Marduk the heroic matricide) ie Babilim, and Arabia – long into the christian era until supression by the demon cult of goddess Alah aka Allah led by a crazed prophet of Mecca. Also in Suza, south-west Iran (which was otherwise largly Zurvanite/Zorastrian).

The Amat-Uzzayan (Servant-maids of Uzza-Venus-Ashtaroth) were keepers of their word and prolific in sex in Arabia, based in the Temple Kaba of Mecca. There even began a cult of Baal in Rome during the Imperial Roman Empire.

And remember: Nature’s lord will Triumph (except in the Bad-Lands).



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