Capitulation to Terrorism – New York/London

The Caliphate’s distruction of the Temple of Bol (aka Baal/Bel) in Palmyra celibrated, supported by fundamental montheists in the USA – the speakers of the lie, and is followed by non other than followers of the lie, such as Institute of Digital Flunkery/Archeology, in honor of the cult of L’Yahweh!

Where they belong.


“the New York Times was far from alone in reporting about this.  The New York Post had also reported that this was a done deal…
A towering arch of an ancient temple in Palmyra, Syria, that has been mostly destroyed by ISIS terrorists will be recreated by a huge 3-D printer and put on display in New York City this spring, officials said on Monday.
The life-size model of the original 2,000-year-old structure,known as the Arch of the Temple of Bel, will stand approximately 48 feet high and 23 feet wide.
And as I write this article, Snopes is still reporting that the arch from the Temple of Baal is going to go up in London…
While it is true replicas of Palmyra’s Temple of Baal arch are being constructed for temporary display in New York and London, the project solely involves reproducing the structure’s arch and not creating a functional building. Moreover, interest in reproducing the demolished antiquity is archeological in nature, not religious.
The big question is this…
Why has there been such a sudden change in plans?
Could it be possible that the alternative media has played a role?  Since the original New York Times story last month, a massive firestorm has erupted in the alternative media and this story has gone megaviral all over the Internet.
Could it be possible that they have backtracked because of how much negative attention this story has been receiving?
Of course let us not underestimate the prayers of God’s people. ..”


The Temple of Baal is not coming to Times Square in New York City next month. This is great news, and it represents an incredible victory for Christians in the United States.

‘Let’s leave aside that the Temple of Baal was never coming to New York; only the arch was (we know what happens to facts when they pass through a religious mind). Later in the article, it does narrow it down to the actual arch. The article ends by attributing this “victory” to “the power of prayer,” but the whole piece is so amateurish as to be laughable. They should’ve consulted that master of religious propaganda, Prof. Tariq Ramadan, who could’ve made the whole thing look almost forensic.

The author, Michael Snyder, is not entirely ham-fisted, though. Still apparently labouring under the misapprehension that the original arch has been destroyed (the UN later showed that it had survived), Snyder has enough savvy to not actually celebrate ISIS’s destruction of our cultural heritage. Instead, the article says nothing about that at all. It is obvious, though, that they wouldn’t be overly inconvenienced if the entire Temple of Baal complex were reduced to rubble: “let us celebrate this victory over the Temple of Baal.”

Worship of Baal has long passed, but not to these Christians, who see it’s manifestations in abortion, pornography and God knows what else. So yes, worship of Baal, and therefore Baal himself, are very much alive today and any edifice to his glory is best, …well, …not replicated. This is something for which not only ISIS, but also the Taliban, can serve as sources of comfort. After the latter had destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001, mullah Muhammad Omar declared, “Muslims should be proud of smashing idols. It has given praise to Allah that we have destroyed them.” Don’t worry mullah, your Christian brother is on the same page…’

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Not for the first time…



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