A New New Zealand Flag?

..! Kiwi land will have a referendum upon a new flag….and they should go for it !


Several flags not in the running, but should be, include

Vassal State of AIPAC-USA Slave-Drone Flag’ (not shown)

The naughty ‘True South’ Dixie Flag  …oh lordy!

The ‘Greater Caliphate Flag to Be?’ – a future contender!

and an Ulak anti-science—-Under-arch Flag – anti-human R US Flag.

Pro-Gay  Anti-Male and Anti-White, a Racist Flag/Fag, is not shown. cf Under-Arch Flag/Vassal State.


Do you have an opinion?

Which Flag do you like? Which one is appropriate?

The Zusaya Purple flag is deemed inappropriate due to national policies being of not-yet compliant with true-human.


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