100 000 years to Zusaya & Caliphate

Zusaya enjoys peace* with the wretched Caliphate because it did not invade them which is more than can be said of the dimini rogue states.

From June 21 2015 The Adept has marked 100 000 years (one hundred thousand) until the dawn of True Human civilization which we call ‘Zusaya’ in our hodotor jargon. This means the anti-human and anti-adult Western societies will change or disintegrate along the way to true mammal harmonization. Free sex and beloved patriarchy is the mammal way and Zusaya will stand proud among the anti-human chaotics.

All good news there for humans. (This includes you, even if you are an Ulak anti-human human)

In the mean time the fribolian Ulaks conform to anti-human chaotic type: and counter-productive measures.

Cf War for Terror (as is) also called Dar al Harb/Garb House of War/West;


Great is The Adept, Great is Zusaya.

*And 3km multi-trench border lands. Also called Mufti-trenches.

Zusaya is also usually called Dar al Hudna or House of Calm in Khilafah-gibberish, with 10 years between border skirmishes (traditional). Officially name of the other block is Islamic State of The Khilafah.


Nu-Earth Flag


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