Hodotor Island Locations/Place names !

Locations upon the deserted Hodotor Island. 45°35’42.9″N 18°54’32.5″E


Capital = Nu-Palmyra.

Near-by weather. Osijek and Apatin.

Problem with micronations Celestinia/Enclava – is inhabited in North . Infact, even the Google Car has been there!

No such problem with Hodotor Island, the wet.

For any writing a fabulous story (free use):

Port Nu-Carthage in the South. Port Nu-Sidon in the North.

Big problem with flooding (it is). Good news: thigh-high boots very popular.

Aprox 250m wide at widest, 1500m long (1.5km).



Nu-Sidon (aka Nu-Sidonia). Port and fishery. There is something fishy about this place. Center of Astarte and Baal worship.

No hunting birds there. (Bird haven). Has been known for sudden outbreaks of prostitution and harlotry with the gullible visitors until the spankings restore free sex at temple of Baal.

Nu-Palmyra. Oasis of delight and capital. Great Temple of Baal and all the gods. Trading hub. Great Palace of The Adept. Great hareem of the Adept is located here.

Nu-Ekaren. Defence place noted for it’s love of olive oil. Worship Baal the Hawk or Falcon, lord of flying ones. Hunters lodges for those who go falconeering in the Ekaren wetlands. Has shrine for Jews to worship fleas/latrine/bagel sellers. Ruled over by the local Zupan who is a Prophet of Baalzebub. Very strange festivals and goings on. Many sex slaves end up here…to work in Temple of Baalzebub. oh my!

Nu-Carthage. Huge port city and cargo bay. This is where sex-slaves are brought from the Islamic State (but this is kept a secret). Slogan: Fuck your way to Freedom, it says ~1000 + convert to baal. Exotic spices.

Nu-Gaat. Place of wine drinking and singing rude songs. Vine-yards and wine presses. Many people go there to get knocked up pregnant for some reason.

Nu As-Hadod. Can be stormy. Camp fires, fishing and weather men congregate there to discuss the rains and possible re-flooding. Has shrine to Baal Hadad. Wild nude women and escaped sex-slaves known to run around this fishing town and inland forest.

Nu As Hekeleen. Has strong man events like lifting and arm wrestling and carrying females off for sex. Also melee weapon training.

Nu-Sodom swamp and island. Unnatural things are said to go on in this forest village. Exiles flee Baal Law to hide here in the woods. Also the gateway to the terrible Gemarrah swamplands. It is said they have built a terrible hidden dark shrine to The Yohwet.

A strange thing about the culture near Baal Temples is the Baal Adhan call to casual sex every dawn, noon and dusk!


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