Hodotor Island Camping Cargo & Supplies ideas !

Some much needed supplies for you camping trip if you are crazy enough to go.

Such cargo needs motorized water transport or second hand amphibian vehicle.

ie Water, Food , Shelter, Medic, Fuel. Save and distribute. Zdravo! (as is hello bravo!)




Pop up tents are good and a BBQ. Tie the tent to a tree/weigh down inside with log/bag of sand.


Avoid area with mud pit (other mammals) especially areas with bark removed from tree under 1m (wild pigs, dangerous).

If you hear distant gun shot of a rifle, there is nothing to be alarmed about. They might be shooting the frigid ones.

Nudism. Hodotor areas such as Hodotor Island are none-shariah versions; do look, do fuck, non gender apartheid.

Rain-water collector: make before you go. Feel free to leave it in site for public use (Not for theft)..

Primitive camping. Feel free to take a shed. For real! (a few posts, rope over, sand in plastic bags should stop drift in event of flooding?). Visitors log book inside plastic transparent bag, with biro pen).


Don’t forget the Baal Gang-Bang !


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