New Micronation Isle of Hodotor (Danube silt Island East of Belji, South of Apatin)

As an interesting spin upon the Hodotor thing, and a novelty,

The Isle of Hodotor , independent nature reserve and sexual paradise.’42.9%22N+18%C2%B054’32.5%22E/@45.5955224,18.9110644,534m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

The Croatian PM has been informed and a suggestion was made to put up signs.

Due to silting, the new island has land bridges to Croatia in the north and south, but was claimed by Serbia at one time before independence. East of Bilji.

Currently under Baal Law of-course.



Flag. The Purple Flag.


Pocket 3 off the wet lands with policy of neutrality.

Northern neighbors are Enclava./Celestinia. dispute. There are 3 areas in there zone but Cel favors war with the squatter trash. hmmm pot kettle..Also defunct is liberland after the contested crossing of the Croat border.

Island Forum. Under Hodotor.

Official Religion: Hodotor (of the Adept), Sunday Assembly (humanist) and general Baal worship.

Cultural Laws:

It is illegal for female adult to claim rape. Nudity or Hodo-buff tunics are favored attire for visitors.

Compulsory vaginal-penis sex day of 1 day month during mid post ovulation safe time (Temple Sex). This should all keep the prudes away (we hope). Other than that, all welcome!

National costume for females:



Recommended mode of transport: Amphibian. Not in military green (purple is favoured).

Travel From Croatia:

Travel by Amphib or boat from Osijek east along river Drava, north up the Danube to the landing beach of Hodotor Isle.

Travel From Serbia:

Amphib or boat from free port Apatin  Апатин south along river Danube to either northern shore of Hodotor Isle or southern beach. Lots of fishermen July 1-5 or 7.

Bring food, water, shelter, porta potty, porn, medi kit. Feel free to build dwellings and shrines,  hardtack airstrip, warf jetty etc. Solar power recommended along with a generator too. Currently no shop or civilization anywhere near.

No combat jackets etc thanks.

Governance…you are joking right? Well it is an Adeptocracy under suzerainty of the Adept and Hodotor with local adhoc Zupan ie your team leader (aka The banga banga, dicka dicka, but under Baal Law that has to be an adult male, as is proper for mammals; and we don’t want another Palmyra disaster with a 10 year old leader.) Or the guys with the guns.


Solar Composting toilet – pit with raised-sides with south-facing angled clear plastic top.

Another idea is cloth and stone covered rain water collector, collected from the roofs of dwellings/buildings.

And planting apple trees, herbs too.

You like? You’re In !


Some videos. unrelated:

Apatin from a boat.

Enjoying camp,



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