Ireland Votes Yes to Discrimination, Hate and Exclusion… Such is bigotry is it not?

Even allowing for standard gay-pc-feminist fraud in polls and surveys it is known Ireland  has been no-choiced by abuse of neutrality into the State authored result (or will have to keep voting until the required EU type of result is chosen as conforms with foreign state requirements).

Such is the under arch. More WarLocked than the exclusion of the north from the non-all ireland vote. Or new Ireland vote?


Such is the anti-scientific barbaric era they have entered into, one based on bigotry against biological purpose; and exclusion against the natural (as is a epidemic problem). This means gays and lesbians are exclusionist against the true way (and their own anatomical arrangement, and you I presume but more importantly I am sure you agree, us). The West is no nearer to Science and Nature than The Islamic Sate of Khilafah.


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