A Hodotor Old Testiment? The Good Book, by Grayling 2011

It just might be.

And Lo!

From ‘The Good Book’ by Grayling 2011.

‘…the components of our substance exist forever, coeval with the universe…” (The Good 1:21). Subatomic particle thing.

“Earths from each sun burst” (Genesis 9:2 TGB). Each new sun formed, that is. Or at lest planets do, like iron hulks of Mars or other cosmos junk. (Until the great building it is a junk yard).

.”We are not to ignore the evidence of experiments for the sake of dreams and fictions of our own devising” (Genesis 13:13)

“By evolution, in the aeons vast, since life first arose, to complex life at last” (Genesis 10:12). Totally quotable.

‘nothing comes from nothing” (Genesis 2:8; 4:10; 6:1) and that  “All things take their origin from earlier kinds” (Genesis 3:1)

“It might be thought vain to offer a work such as this to humankind in the hope that it will be useful…but in truth it would be a greater vanity to offer a work for any other reason.” .

“let us always be true to ourselves…” (The Good 7:12).


also ‘A Secular Bible’ in UK.

The Sunday Assemblies should start quoting this Book. A reading even!

And from the Book of the Adept unless it starts a riot or mass panic.

Humorous Spoof.

‘…It is the purpose of this new treatise, Anthropophilus, to tell you of the things that came to pass in Year I of the Great Instauration or, for those who use the old reckoning, 2011.

The people were in great perturbation and their hearts failed them for fear of the things that were coming on the earth. Then arose Anthony the Seer, a man whose locks had not been shorn during the many long years he communed with the ancients in his cave of making. He came forth blinking into the light and delivered unto the people a great book that contained the vision they longed for, and they rejoiced greatly….’


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