Why the Europa UV Bands should import Albino-Negros (and exchange for dark cons)

It is considered wise and worthy of pursuit to :

Import Albino-Negros into the correct UV-Band of the Earth (Europe/Canada/New Zealand,South of Beunos Aries).

They can be exchanged for a dark-skinned con (early release, bribed officials for immediate citizen ship). Win win.


This will speed up the natural re-alignment with skin-tone to UV for vitamins/immune system verses sun protection.

As per the Japan North South model of light dark. (Organic selection).

Nature will turn the dark skinned ones light over time (1000 years or so) anyway – in the low UV lands.

It is a wondrous thing that nature is doing. Are we ready to assist nature?

And it is the will of The Adept.

Hail Baal.


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