Vice Caliph Fribol launches new Glossy Magazine ‘Daboliq’

In a press statement to the Under-arch dwellers of fanatical Frigid-Ulak worshipers

the new Vice Kalif said:

“It is meh honur to be a stand-in for Ulak who we pretends is allah and I do so take meh position of Vice Kalif seriously while the al Kalif is pretending to be dead to fool Iranian Intelligence assassins.

So I even went so far as googled the meanings….which was an eye opener, I must say! So here we go then…

New Lads mag!”


In a departure from traditional Dabiq magazine custom, the new magazine “better connects with the young arabs who since the Caliphate arose from the depths have been showing too much interest in female camels.”

As reported by Super Intendant Fribol, Inspector of Mosul Lunatic Asylums, from overheard gossip and hear-say so it must be true. Curiously Fribol is also the name of the Hodotor god of madness.


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