Jesus Christ Keeps Raising Caliph from the Dead (setback)

In a piss poor show The Christ does another ‘Raised Bin Laden from the Dead’ special, this time with al Caliph Ibrahim aka al Baghdadi.

Typical stuff. Pope keeping the reason hush.


Apparently drunken hacks at the Guardian Newspaper staggered out, kicked some ass, hijacked the drones and flew them to Iraq…hope you are following this….re-armed the drones with pen ammo mid-flight… and blasted the Caliph again..

(His location had been revealed by a strange ceremony involving Hoodoo, cocaine, and hookers and tried old Iraqi officials with nothing better to do, but for plausibility left out anything Kurdish).

Full story:


– Fribol the 5th Columnist. Post not yet sponsored by the Onion but am hopeful…


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