Virgin Births Insect Religion or Vindicating Mammal Culture?


Virgin Births as we know are not Mammal methods of reproduction but do feature in Aphid Insects.

‘Reproduction is typically parthenogenetic and viviparous. Eggs are parthenogenetically produced without meiosis[40][41] and the offspring are clonal to their mother. The embryos develop within the mothers’ ovarioles, which then give live birth to first-instar female nymphs (viviparous). The offspring resemble their parents in every way except size, and are called virginoparae.’

‘Some aphids have telescoping generations, that is, the parthenogenetic, viviparous female has a daughter within her, who is already parthenogenetically producing her own daughter. Thus, a female’s diet can affect the body size and birth rate of more than two generations (daughters and granddaughters)’.[42][43]

It would make more sense for Mammals to celebrate mammal culture rather than Insect.

And as for mammal-phobia, evident in anti-page-3 to anti-sex? It does not belong with the mammals and inclusive species.



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