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Feminist Child-Abuser Step-Mother and Pedophile sexual harasser and conspiracy to murder, femnazi slain by Victim; via hiring an against-pedo vigilante.

No surprised with Winchester educated types, the court does not hand out  12 years for street robbery-killing but 32 years for loss of one of their own.

Unfit to Rule.

‘Robertson agreed to kill Mrs Davis for Benjamin Carr, 22, the son of Mrs Davis’ ex-lover, to stop her telling police that he had allegedly sexually assaulted someone when he was 14. [This is a lie, she had allready tried to frame him with the police… they didn’t fall for it]

Co-defendant Samantha Maclean, 28, of Hythe, was found not guilty of the same charge.

Prosecutor Richard Smith QC said Carr harboured a “lasting hate and anger” towards Mrs Davis after she made a complaint to police about the sexual assault allegations.

Police took no further action over the complaint [false accusation, standard feminist fare], but Mr Smith said Carr was left with a “lasting sense of animosity, hatred, towards Pennie Davis” which did not “wear off”. [rather than a Winchester delight and sexual exhilaration]

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Popplewell described the murder as a “contract killing”.


Commiserations then to the Nambla backing Feminist movement and the Infidel shariah enforcers of public moraliteh.

Twisted Minds

‘…Robertson because he hated nonces with a passion.

“In their twisted minds, this was a justification for the killing.

“The stabbing was brutal and ferocious, causing no doubt terror and physical suffering before she died.”

The court heard Mrs Davis is said to have repeated the [false] allegations of sexual assault in the month before her death, warning Tim Carr’s new partner that one of his son’s alleged victims planned to make a statement to police. [which she could only have known because she was in contact with the false accuser, but this turned out not to be a true statement. How long does it take, a month? No such intent then]

Perversely all she could do was set him up with disproven lies for the spite and sexual exhilaration of it. Still sexual harassment even it it is of children, or pedophilia.


The death eaters won that case but…they have nothing to celebrate.


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